Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MapViewer 10g Patch 5 released

Grab it from OTN here:

This is the latest MapViewer release. It supersedes all (previously downloadable) 11g preview or early access kits. We are no longer allowed to post 11g preview kits on OTN per Oracle's new policy.

The main things in this patch that worth mentioning are:
1. Certified on WebLogic server version 9, 10 and 10.3 (preview);
2. Works with Apple Safari desktop browser.
3. And many bug fixes to the JavaScript API (and other areas of MapViewer also). Full fixed bug list is in the patch note.

The patch note file is inside the zip file; the zip file itself is about 45 MB.

The included User's Guide has detailed instructions on how to deploy this latest MapViewer on WebLogic Server.

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LJ said...

Just want to let people know that this kit was pulled off OTN and we just posted a re-packaged kit to emphasize the WebLogic support.