Tuesday, September 2, 2008

eLocation: a public show case of MapViewer

Oracle's own online mapping server:


The above is an online mapping site powered by Oracle's own GeoSpatial products such as Oracle Spatial and MapViewer.

Specifically, the mapping is all done by MapViewer. It uses MapViewer's map tile server to generate and cache map tiles. The map look and feel is created using the Map Builder desktop tool that is part of the MapViewer product.

The geocoding and routing (driving directions) are powered by the GeoCoder and Router component of Oracle Spatial.

Most of the data are purchased from Navteq. All the data are loaded into an Oracle database; this includes all the base map layers such as streets and boundaries/parks/lakes/POIs.

Please be aware that this is an experimental site provided primarily for Oracle's internal use. The site consists of 2 not-so-fast Linux boxes so please be gentle and understanding if it cannot keep up with your requests from time to time :)

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