Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cross-domain Oracle Maps scripting

First, yes you can use Oracle Maps (the JavaScript/Ajax API) in a cross domain fashion. In other words, the script in your application page can interact or connect to a remote MapViewer server that is on a different domain than where your application page originates from.

Beware though you must be using the 10g Patch 4 ( patch 4) or 10g Patch 5 ( patch 5) versions of MapViewer. The original MapViewer production release ( does not support cross-domain usage out of the box!

Assuming you have the correct version of MapViewer server installed, here is how to do cross-site Oracle Maps scritping. First let's assume your application page is accessed as And the proper version of mapViewer server is accessed via

1. Always import the oraclemaps.js that comes from the correct MapViewer server. Do not use any cached or old copy of oraclemaps.js that is from an older version of MapViewer. You should copy the oraclemaps.js file from the mapviewer site and host it on your application page's web server, then import this library into your code.

2. Specify the MapViewer server URL in your map tile layer and theme-based FOI layer constructor.
This is the key. In order to interact with a MapViewer server that is running on
a different domain from where your application page is hosted, you must explicitly
specify the URL of the MapViewer tile server (for map tile layers) and FOI server (for
theme-based FOI layers) in your code where you construct the tile layer or FOI
layer. For example:

mapview.addMapTileLayer(new MVMapTileLayer("mvdemo.demo_map",

var customers = new MVThemeBasedFOI('foitheme1','mvdemo.customers',

And that's all you need to do! For more info, check out the JSDoc for the MVMapTileLayer and
MVThemeBasedFOI classes.

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