Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Latest MapViewer kit released

Just want to let you know that we posted the latest MapViewer kit for WebLogic server on OTN. Just go to then search for "MapViewer" and you will find the kit under the software section of the MapViewer page.

This kit is identical to the previously released (but short-lived) 10g patch 5 kit. We want to emphasize the support for WebLogic server so that's why we pulled the patch 5 kit and re-packaged it as MapViewer for WebLogic. Note that even though it is "branded" as for WebLogic, it works just fine with your existing 10g versions of Oracle App Server or OC4J standalone.

Note also that this kit contains all the features that were available in various MapViewer 11g preview kits. So if you are currently using MapViewer 11g preview, upgrade now to this latest official kit!

Finally, I'm at the Oracle OpenWorld conference this week in San Francicso. This year we have two booths in the exhibition hall, one for Spatial and one for MapViewer! Traffic has been steady and it was fun meeting a lot of MapViewer/Spatial users in person. I hope to upload some conference photos later after I get back home.



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