Friday, September 12, 2008

GeoRSS support in Oracle Maps

Starting with the latest Mapviewer kit (10g patch 5, a.k.a for WebLogic), you can easily display an external GeoRSS feed as a FOI layer on top of your tile layer. In fact, your MapViewer installation comes with some GeoRSS tutorials, such as tutorial #58. Its full URL is http://<host>:<port>/mapviewer/fsmc/tutorial/samples/georss-demo.html.

That page displays the United States continental states. Below the map you will see a text field where you can enter a custom URL to some external GeoRSS feed. If you want to see a feed that contains pictures (who doesn't!), you can try this Flickr photo stream feed:

(My colleague Jayant sent me this feed so you will have to ask him why this particular feed is chosen).

You will see a map like this (after zooming into the San Francisco city area):

Note that if your MapViewer is running behind a firewall, you will need to setup the web proxy stuff in mapViewerConfig.xml (check the User's Guide on instructions).


Friedhold Matz said...

Hi LJ,

many thanks for your very interesting Blog !

The GeoRSS feature works great for Orale Maps and is there a plan to implement also GeoJSON in Oracle Maps ?


LJ said...

Is the GeoJSON spec pretty stable right now? If it is then we can sure look into supporting it. In fact we are already using JSON to communicate all the FOI data generated by the server to the browser, so support geoJson seems only natural...


Friedhold Matz said...

JSON is a good way!
Safe Software provides GeoJSON: "Users looking to quickly and efficiently exchange spatial information can now convert GeoJSON data into the format .."