Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MapViewer for WebLogic kit updated

The latest MapViewer release, version for WebLogic, just saw an update yesterday. Please go to http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/mapviewer/index.html for immediate download.

This kit is released under the same bundle name (mapviewer10133wls.zip) but the MapViewer component (mapviewer.ear) in it has been updated to include a few last minute bug fixes. If you have experienced issues with Oracle Maps when doing very fast zooming operations, such as FOI features throwing errors or base map tiles disappearing, then you want to download and deploy this latest kit.

Note again that while this kit is certified on WebLogic Servers, you can also deploy it to all 10.1.3.* versions of OC4J standalone and Oracle App Server. This kit also supersedes all previously released MapViewer 11g previews in functionality and stability.




xuheng.x said...

thanks a lot.

there is a example web site using oracle map viewer.
It is available during Oct 23 to Nov 6, just for ie7.

LJ said...

very interesting web site, could you please point to which portion of your web site uses MapViewer? thanks.

xuheng.x said...

ok, http://www.cq315house.com/www/index.asp,the 'image of house' in the middle of the web site, is a small image show using the Mapviewer. Then click the title, the other new page to show large image, also could query some building using name of building. Or visit to view large image directly.
This web site is a temporal stuff for exhibition for real state trading of Chongqing.

LJ said...

Looks great! thanks again for sharing your work.

LJ said...

Hi Xuheng, can you please tell me your contact info? you can send it to my email address (lj.qian@oracle.com). I have a few questions regarding your recent project. Thanks in advance.