Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new public APIs for GeoCoding & Routing

Some of you probably already know or are using various XML APIs to interact with our hosted LBS service at These XML APIs can be used to geocode your street addresses and get driving directions between two addresses, and also to get maps.

Recently we have published a new set of simple JavaScript APIs for geocoding and routing. These APIs, or rather JavaScript libraries, are hosted on the same public server, and are very easy to use from your HTML/AJAX applications.

You can find more details about the new GeoCoding and Routing APIs in a presentation given during the Oracle Spatial User Conference held in Phoneix, Arizona last month. Please download the presentation here:

The presentation itself actually covers a lot of ground on Spatial's geocoding and routing capabilities. The new JS APIs and sample codes start from page 78.

For more presentations on both Spatial and MapViewer from this user conference (which was a smashing success), visit here:

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